Shumë Mirë. ( Very good ! )

I am tired and it has been a long first week of training in Albania. However I am incredibly lucky.

20140329-114907 am.jpg

I arrived to my host family and they have been so welcoming, affectionate and caring. They comfort me during bouts of home sickness and after long days of language training and have been a valuable window into Albania.

20140329-115139 am.jpg

I am feeling drained today and am waiting for my turn at language tutoring. I am frustrated by my inability to communicate but considering it has only been two weeks I think I am doing alright.

My site mates and I also met the mayor of our host site and he gave us us copies of the strategic plan for that community which was completed with the help of World Vision. I am reading through it now and will try to do a post on that and more about the government structure. Here is us with the mayor :

20140329-120341 pm.jpg

The sun that has evaded us the first week of training is back and I am looking forward to exploring my host site this afternoon with my site-mate.

Here are some pictures of my host family and their kushëri (cousins):

20140329-115843 am.jpg

20140329-115957 am.jpg


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