Ku është Laurena? (Where is Lauren?)

This was written on Sunday but I have been unable to post it until today.  

A run in Shushicë.

A run in Shushicë.

Currently I am sitting in the internet café in the village that I have spent the last seven weeks.  Tomorrow I will become a volunteer and move to north-west of Albania to the city of Lezhe.  I will be working in the regional government office there and assisting with a variety of projects.  I will post more on that later.

Training was an intense experience.



It had its advantages as this will be the only time except for the occasional conference that I will be with all the volunteers in my group.  It mostly has been rough mentally and physically.

Training has included:

  • Long days of classes,
  • Long nights of studying,
  • Watching Albanian TV and thinking about studying
  • A  trip to visit a current volunteer in Permet
  • A Passover seder in Tirana (capital of Albania),
  •  A head cold,
  • A chest cold, ,
  • A tour of Tirana
  • Hikes
  • Some runs
  • Lots of bumpy furgon rides ( Furgon’s are like mini-buses/vans  for transportation)
  • Visiting friends in other sites
  • Bad wine
  • Sports day –  I made the winning play of the dodgeball game
  • A haircut
  • Tirana Beer
  • Korce Beer
  • The worst raki I ever drank – I expect this will change
  • The best raki I ever drank
  • Lemon soda to go with the bad raki
  • Coffee, coffee, and coffee
  • Sometimes Chai
  • Laughs
  • New friends
Aldo loves selfies.

Aldo loves selfies.

Emily and I take a selfie.

Emily and I take a selfie.

Host brother and cousin in the qender.

Host brother and cousin in the qender.

Tree hike in Librazhd, Albania

Tree hike in Librazhd, Albania

Permet, Albania

Permet, Albania


The Andersons!

The Andersons






Thank you to all your support.

Your letters (Thank you  Lisa and Dan Schley for my  first letter!), facebook messages,  wall posts, e-mails, phone calls and texts. I could not have made it to this point without you.

Now that training is over I’ll try to update more.


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