Care Package Wish List

Here are some things I could use from home. I’ll update as needed.

  • Compact umbrella – mine disappeared outside of my office
  • French press for coffee   Thanks Sheila!
  • Seeds to start an herb garden
  • Wild berry skittles
  • Twizzlers
  • Tapestry or extra large beach towel for beach days  Thanks Sheila!
  • Vaseline
  • sun screen
  • Franks hot sauce
  • New York State flag
  • From the Capital Region:
    • Daily Grind coffee –  Snickerdoodle
    • T-shirt/tank, poster, card from Troy Cloth & Paper. Troy themed please.    Thanks Audrey!!
    • Other treats from Troy, Albany, Schenectady and Saratoga
Try to include a personal note! I love hearing from people!

Mailing Address:

Lauren Alpert
Keshillin i Qarkut Lezhe
Sheshi “Gjergj Kastrioti” Lezhe
Lezhe Albania 4501


Let me know when you send a package that way I can start checking at the post office.  I have been told it takes about two weeks if you send by USPS flat rate.


Here are some tips about sending packages from another volunteer:


If you are going to send a package, the USPS flat-rate boxes are the best way to go!
When customs asks for a list of items and a price tag, your best bet  is to totally lie list something like, “paper, marker, pens, various supplies for United States Peace Corps volunteer” or something similarly official-sounding.
Just on a side note – be EXTREMELY careful when sending liquids, especially if there are electronic items in the package as well.

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